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    Emporia App Oven On notification

    Peace of Mind

    The Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor keeps tabs on your energy use 24 hours a day. The Emporia App has valuable alerts that protect your family and your home. Set alerts for times when you approach monthly peak energy use, when you leave lights or an oven on, when things like sump pumps don't turn off or on, and when when your A/C uses more energy than it should. Download the App.

    Emporia App Savings Page

    Save Money

    The Gen 2 Vue keeps track of the energy used in your home to help you identify appliances and circuits that waste energy and increase monthly bills. The Emporia App suggests valuable savings opportunities and also allows you to set alerts to keep you notified when appliances and lights have been left on.

    PV Solar Panels

    Generating Energy?

    The Emporia Gen 2 Vue monitors renewable energy net metering out of the box, giving you clear measurements of how much energy is being returned to the grid (and saving you money). With the 50A sensors, you can also monitor your energy generation in real time and historically by the minute, hour, day, week, month, and year.

    How the Gen 2 Vue Works

    Gen 2 Vue In-panel Installation

    Install in Panel

    The Vue Installs in most homes in the electrical panel. Systems that only have access to busbars will require our Flexible Current Sensors. The Vue monitors renewable energy net metering with no extra equipment to buy. The Vue is UL and CE Listed for your safety.

    Gen 2 Vue Monitor Individual Circuits

    Monitor Circuits

    Add 50A sensor bundles to gain the ability to monitor up to 16 individual circuits. You can buy the sensors bundled with the Vue or separately, if you already own a Vue. This allows you to monitor important appliances and equipment, like your air conditioner, furnace, water heater, washer/dryer, solar generation, and more.

    Gen 2 Vue Connect over Wifi

    Connect over WiFi

    • Connects to Emporia over 2.4GHz WiFi
    • Monitors electricity use/generation 24/7
    • Collects granular, 1-second energy data
    • Monitors voltage for real power metrics
    • Tracks how much energy is being used by important appliances and equipment or how much is generated and sent back to the grid
    Gen 2 Vue manage energy with Emporia App

    Manage Your Energy

    • Manage energy use and generation with a simple iOS or Android app
    • Receive actionable recommendations
    • Get real-time data anywhere, anytime
    • Prevent costly repairs
    • Conserve Energy
    • Save Money
    Emporia Gen 2 Vue

    Ready for a Gen 2 Vue?

    Take Control of Your Energy

    • Track your energy usage.
    • Get savings opportunities.
    • Receive energy saving notifications.
    • Make your home more energy efficient.

    Plus d'informations

    Emporia has developed the next generation of the Vue Energy Monitor. Committed to bringing the best value at the lowest price possible, the Vue provides everything you need to monitor your entire home's energy usage in real time, as well as 16 extra sensors to allow you to monitor individual circuits. Not only can you see how much energy your home is using at any moment and over time, but you can also monitor how your individual appliances affect your energy bills.

    • READY FOR 3-PHASE: Includes an extra 200A Sensor for light commercial 3-phase/4-wire electrical systems (up to 415Y/240VAC & less than 600A ). Does not work with 3-phase/3-wire systems (Delta systems with no neutral).  NO NEED TO PURCHASE AN EXTRA SENSOR
    • INSTALLS IN CIRCUIT PANEL of most homes with clamp-on sensors; although it doesn't typically work in panels with access only to busbars. INSPECT YOUR ELECTRICAL PANEL for compatibility. Includes DIY instructions, though a professional electrician is recommended.
    • 24/7 ENERGY MONITORING: Monitor your home's real power anywhere, anytime to prevent costly repairs, conserve energy, and save costs. Monitor solar / net metering. PROTECTED BY A 1-YEAR WARRANTY.
    • LOWER YOUR ELECTRIC BILL: Gauge real-time spending and get actionable notifications to understand where you can save costs.
    • REAL-TIME ENERGY DATA: REQUIRES 2.4 GHz WIFI WITH AN INTERNET CONNECTION to monitor energy use with iPhone / Android app. Vue sensors provide 1-second data and are accurate from ±2%. The Vue is UL and CE Listed for your safety. 1 second data is retained 3 hours, 1 minute data is retained 7 days, 1 hour data is retained indefinitely. Export the data whenever you want in the app.
    • APPLIANCE MONITORING WITHOUT GUESSWORK: Comes with sixteen 50A sensors to accurately monitor your air conditioner, furnace, water heater, washer, dryer, range, etc. 

    • Bundle includes:
      • Gen 2 Vue Energy Monitor
      • 2 or Three 200A current sensors for service mains
      • 0/8/16x 50A current sensors for individual circuits
      • Wire harness
      • Extra wire & wire nuts
      • Wifi antenna & cable
    • Power the Vue directly from a 15A or 20A breaker
    • Professional installation recommended
    • Granular 1-second data interval
    • Each sensor is accurate from ±1%
    • Operates regardless of your utility
    • Comes with sixteen 50A sensors to monitor individual circuits
    • Interact with your Emporia Vue through your mobile device
    • Real-time monitoring of your energy usage and production with helpful units and measurements
    • Actionable notifications will help you:
      • Conserve energy
      • Lower carbon emissions
      • Increase grid reliability
      • Generate energy savings
      • Shift usage patterns from peak to off-peak
      • Get clear calculations that show your savings when you perform actions recommended by the Emporia Vue

    Vue energy monitor dimensions:

    • 4.1" x 3.1" x 1.1" (105mm x 80mm x 30mm)

    200A sensor dimensions:

    • 2.6" x 1.7" x 1.6" (65mm x 44mm x 41mm)
    • Window diameter: 1" (26mm)
    • Cable length: 39" (1m)
    • Connector plug: 3.5mm

    50A sensor dimensions:

    • 1.6" x 0.9" x 1" (41mm x 23mm x 26mm)
    • Window diameter: 0.39" (10mm)
    • Cable length: 39" (1m)
    • Connector plug: 2.5mm
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  • The multifunction energy analyzer SMART X96 series is a top new-generation intelligent panel meter, used not only in the electricity transmission and power distribution system, but also in the power consumption measurement and analysis in high voltage intelligent power grid.


    This document provides operating, maintenance and installation instructions for the Eastron SMART X96 series. The unit measures and displays the characteristics of 1p2w, 3p4w and 3p3w supplies, including voltage, frequency, current, power and active and reactive energy, imported or exported, Harmonic, Power factor, Max. Demand etc. Energy is measured in terms of kWh, kVArh and kVAh. Maximum demand current can be measured over preset periods of up to 60minutes.


    In order to measure energy, the unit requires voltage and current inputs in addition to the supply required to power the product. The requisite current input(s) are obtained via current transformers. The SMART X96 can be configured to work with a wide range of CTs, giving the unit a wide range of operation. Built-in interfaces provides RS485 Modbus RTU and Ethernet TCP/IP communication. Digital input and outputs are provided for external signal counting and external device control.  30 types parameters can be set for alarm.


    The unit uses plug-in terminals for easy wiring and push-in mechanism for quick installation.


    This meter is recommended for use with the ECST-RJ series transformer.

    Unit Characteristics


    The SMART X96-5C can measure and display:

    • Phase to Neutral Voltage and THD% (Total Harmonic Distortion) of all Phases

    • Line Frequency

    • Current, Maximum Demand Current and Current THD% of all Phases

    • Power, Maximum Power Demand and Power Factor

    • Imported, Exported & Total Active Energy

    • Imported, Exported & Total Reactive Energy


    The unit has a Password-Protected set up menu for:

     • Changing the Password

     • System Configuration - 1P2W, 3P3W, 3P4W.

    • Demand Interval Time

    • Reset for Demand Measurements

      • Pulsed Output Duration

    Voltage  0·2% of range maximum Current 0·2% of nominal Frequency 0·2% of mid-frequency Power factor  1% of unity (0.01) Active power (W) ±0.5% of range maximum Reactive power (VAr)  ±1.0% of range maximum Apparent power (VA)  ±1.0% of range maximum Active energy (Wh) Class 0.5S IEC 62053-22 Reactive energy (VARh) ±2.0% of range maximum Total harmonic distortion 2% up to 63rd harmonic Response time to step input 1s, typical, to >99% of final reading, at 50 Hz


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    Brand Name: TKXEC

    Model Number: WDPS6005

    Phase: DC

    Current Type: DC

    is_customized: Yes


    Version description: This CNC power supply is divided into two versions, the version with MODBUS function and the version without MODBUS function. The difference is that the power supply of the MODBUS version has an RS485 communication interface. You can use the host computer software to set or collect data. Communicate with computers, PLCs, DCS, smart meters and other devices! Other than that, the other functions are the same!



    Product parameters:


    Input voltage: 6V-70V


    Output voltage: 0-60V continuously adjustable (can only be used as a buck module, the input must be greater than the output 1V)


    Output current: 0-5A continuously adjustable


    Output power: maximum 300W


    Working temperature: -10~+75 degrees Celsius


    Resolution: voltage 0.01V, current 0.001A


    Accuracy: voltage 0.3%±3 words, current 0.5%±5 words


    Conversion efficiency: up to 95%


    Short circuit protection: Yes, the constant current value currently set by constant current


    Input anti-reverse connection: yes


    Output backflow: Yes


    Wiring method: terminal VI+ is positive input, VO+ is positive output, B+ is dedicated charging interface


    Module size: length 120mm width 64mm height 72mm


    Hole size: length 117mm width 60mm


    Weight: 223g



    Setting instructions:

    Switch output setting: On the main interface, short press "Code Switch" directly to turn on or off the output voltage. When turned off, the voltage, current and power all show 0.

    Key lock setting: In the main interface, directly press the "SET" key to turn on or off the key lock function. When locked, all other keys are invalid.


    Charging mode switching: the output mode must be turned off (short press the coding switch to switch the output), press the "MODE" key to enter the charging mode, the output positive electrode should be connected to the "B+" terminal, with anti-backflow function, full automatic shutdown output, protection The battery is overcharged. Press "MODE" again to switch back.


    Output voltage setting: short press "CV" key, the lower U-SET font is displayed in red, rotate the coding switch to adjust the current output voltage value, short press the coding switch to switch between coarse and fine adjustment, and then long press "CV" key after adjustment , Save and exit. (You can also enter the SET menu to set the current voltage)


    Output current setting: short press the "CC" key, the lower I-SET font is displayed in red, rotate the code switch to adjust the current output current value, short press the code switch to switch between coarse and fine adjustments, and then long press the "CC" key after adjustment , Save and exit. (You can also enter the SET menu to set the current) (Note that the CC status indicator will be converted to white text on a red background at constant current! Only when the actual load output current is greater than the set current will it be in constant current mode, otherwise it will work in constant voltage state. Either the current is adjusted to 2A, or any device becomes 2A, I hope to know.)


    Quick data set setting: the output state must be turned off (short press the coding switch to switch the output), long press the SET key to enter the setting menu interface, press the "SET" key to select the setting items in sequence, and locate the "P-ARRAY" item , Rotate the coding switch to adjust the current value. (10 different data groups can be set, each group can set different values, you can directly press the "P1" or "P2" key to quickly call the P1, P2 CNC group, other groups need to be called in the setting menu)

    Power-on output switch setting: the output must be turned off (short press the coding switch to switch the output), long press the SET key to enter the setting menu interface, press the "SET" key to select the setting items in sequence, and locate to "P-UP" Item, rotate the code switch to adjust the current value. (When set to OFF, the current data set output is off at power-on, when set to ON, the current data set output is on at power-on)


    Over-voltage setting: the output must be turned off (short press the code switch to switch the output), long press the SET key to enter the setting menu interface, press the "SET" key to select the setting items in turn, and locate the "S-OVP" item, Rotate the coding switch to adjust the current value. Short press the coding switch to switch between coarse adjustment and fine adjustment. After adjustment, press the "SET" key to exit the last item. (When the input voltage exceeds the set value, the output will be automatically turned off)


    Over-power setting: the output must be turned off (short press the code switch to switch the output), long press the SET key to enter the setting menu interface, press the "SET" key to select the setting items in sequence, and locate the "S-OPP" item, Rotate the coding switch to adjust the current value. Short press the coding switch to switch between coarse adjustment and fine adjustment. After adjustment, press the "SET" key to exit the last item. (When the output power exceeds the set value, the output will be automatically turned off)


    Buzzer setting: must be in the output off state (short press the code switch to switch the output), long press SET button to enter the setting menu interface, press "SET" button to select the setting items in turn, locate the "BEEP" item, rotate The code switch adjusts the current value. ON means to turn on the buzzer. At this time, each operation buzzer will sound a "beep"; OFF means to turn off the buzzer.


    Communication address setting: the output must be turned off (short press the code switch to switch the output), long press the SET button to enter the setting menu interface, press the "SET" button to select the setting items in turn, locate the "SLAVE ID" item, rotate The coding switch adjusts the current value and can be set in the range of 001-254. This setting requires Modbus version to be effective.


    Baud rate setting: the output must be turned off (short press the code switch to switch the output), long press the SET key to enter the setting menu interface, press the "SET" key to select the setting items in sequence, and locate the "SLAVE ID" item, Rotate the coding switch to adjust the current value, and the range of 4800-115200 can be set. This setting needs Modbus version to be effective


    Notice : If you want the With Modbus Version , you need have the USB to RS485 Module ,it's not include in this package 


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    Origin: CN(Origin)

    Magnetic: No

    Frame Material: PVC Plastic

    Model Number: BLE-7.5

    Type: Bulletin Board

    Double-sided writable: No

    Size: 7.5"

    Product name: Electronic shelf label e-paper price tag

    Display color: Black, white, red

    SCREEN: Eink

    Battery life: 2-3 years

    zen environment Operating humidity: Less than 75%

    application for: supermarket/hospital/school/meetings/warehouse

    type 1:: electronic paper

    type 2:: digital price shelf tag

    Operating Temperature:: -20-70 degrees

    Support content format:: text/bar code/two-dimensional code/picture

    7.5-inch Gicisky ePaper E-ink Screen Price Tag Bluetooth Price Indicator Advanced Shelf Intelligent Signage Electronic Paper


    NOTE: now the Bluetooth Version ESL ONLY support the Andriod Phones. If you or your family or friend use Andriod Phones, it is also ok to test it

    What is the e ink price tag:

    whenever a price is changed from a central control server. Typically, electronic display modules are attached to the front edge of retail shelving.

    Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are the New Innovative and Modern Technology Retail Stores. With threat of online competition and changing trends, NOW more than ever, you need ESLs to survive and enter the dawn of New Retail Business.

    Products features of ESL

    1.Store/ supermarket/school/hospital Associates don’t have to physically re-price labels

    2.Have accurate pricing across channels (In-store and Online)

    3.React to trends and do store promotion management at finger tips

    4.Leverage the success of Omni channel strategies

    5.NOTE: now the Bluetooth Version ONLY support the Andriod Phones

    HOW to use ?

    How to change the templet of the ESL

    1.enter this website and
    log in with the app user name http://a.picksmart.cn:8089/login
    2.Edit accorinf to your need, remeber to use the google Chrome,use the google translator
    3.when finished to creat the new templet, just operate as the orognal templet


    Wireless communication technology

    1.Efficiency: 30 minutes for less than 20000pcs

    2.Success Rate: 100%

    3.Transmission Technology: Radio frequency 433MHz, Anti-interference from mobile phone and other WIFI equipments.

    4.Transmission Range: Cover 30-50 meters area.

    5.Display Template: Customizable, dot matrix image display is supported.

    6.Operating Temperature: 0 ℃ ~40 ℃ for normal tag,-25 ℃~15 ℃ for tag used in Frozen environment.

    7.Communication and Interaction: Two-way communication, real-time interaction

    8.Product Standby Time: 5 years, battery can be replaced.

    9.System Docking: Text, Excel, Intermediate Data Import Table, Customized development and so on is supported.

    Craftsmanship design elaborate production

    Product parameter
    focus on high-quality
    quality technology

    Product details display

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    Brand Name: M5Stack

    Origin: CN(Origin)

    Type: Embedded Computer

    Package: Yes


    CoreInk is a brand new E-ink display in the M5Stack cores range. Controlled by the ESP32-PICO-D4 This new device includes a 200x200 1.54" Black and White E-Ink Display. Compared to a regular LCD,E-ink displays are easier on the eyes, which makes them a great choice for reading or viewing for longer periods. Other benefits are the low power consumption and the ability to retain the image even if power to the display is terminated。For control the CoreInk integrates an multi-function button,A physical button, integrated status LED and buzzer.The device also includes a 390mAh Lipo,RTC(BM8563)for controlling accurate timing and deep sleep funcionality. CoreInk features independent reset and power buttons,expansion ports(HY2.0-4P、M-BUS、HAT expansion)for attaching external sensors to expand functionailty,for unlimited possibilities。


    Please avoid using high refresh rates,reccommended refresh rate is(15s/per refresh), Do not expose to ultraviolet rays for a long time, otherwise it may cause irreversible damage to the ink screen.

    Product Features

    - ESP32 Standard wireless functions WiFi、Bluetooth

    - Internal 4M Flash

    - Low Power Display

    - 180 degree viewing angle

    - Expansion ports

    - Built-in Magnet

    - Internal Battery

    - Expandable


    - 1x CoreInk

    - 1x Type-C USB(20cm)


    - IoT Terminal

    - E-Book

    - Industrial Control Panel

    - Electronic Tag


    More Information

    M5Stack Docs Link


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    Brand Name: M5Stack

    Accessory Type: Extension Board

    Compatible With: M5Stack


    M5StickC PLUS is powered by ESP32-PICO-D4 with Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi and is an upgrade of the original M5StickC with a bigger screen .It is a portable, easy-to-use, open source, IoT development board. This tiny device will enable you to realize your ideas, enrich your creativity, and speed up your IoT prototying. Developing with M5StickC PLUS takes away a lot of the pains from the development process. M5StickC Plus is one of the core devices in M5Stacks product series. The compact body is integrated with rich hardware resources, such as infrared, RTC, Microphone, LED, IMU, Buttons, PMU,etc. Improvements from the regular StickC are a buzzer, bigger screen (1.14-inch, 135 * 240 resolution LCD Screen) and more stable hardware design. This revision increases the display area by 18.7%, and the battery capacity from 95mAh to 120mAh. It also supports the HAT and Unit family of products.

    Power switch operation:

    - Power on :Press power button for 2 seconds

    - Power off :Press power button for 6 seconds

    Product Features

    - ESP32-based support BLE 4.2 and WiFi

    - Built-in 6-Axis IMU

    - Red LED

    - IR transmitter

    - Microphone

    - RTC

    - Buttons, LCD(1.14 inch)

    - Built-in Lipo Battery

    - Extendable Socket

    - Built-in Passive Buzzer

    - Wearable & Wall mounted

    - Development Platform UIFlow, MicroPython, Arduino


    - 1x M5StickC Plus


    - Internet of things terminal controller

    - Wearable devices

    - Stem education product

    - DIY creation


    More information

    M5Stack Docs Link


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    Brand Name: TOMZN

    DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL

    Measuring Energy Range: 99999.9

    Rated Voltage: 230V

    Power Supply: AC

    Display Type: Digital Only

    Output Voltage: 220-230V 50HZ-60hz

    Dimensions: 90*35*60

    Model Number: DDS-238-2 ZN/S

    Phase: Single Phase

    Operating Temperature: Normal

    Accuracy Class: Class 1

    Max Operating Current: 50A - 79A

    Mount: 35mm Din Rail

    Current: 5(65)A

    starting working current: 20mA

    Rated voltage: L+N 220-230V 50-60HZ

    Cerificate: CE ROHS

    MAX current: 65A

    Model number: DS238-2 ZN/S


    1. Bule backlight

    2. Show real voltage V

    3. Show real current  A

    4. Show active power  W

    5. Show reactive power Var

    6. Show power Factory COS

    7. Show real Frequency Hz

    8. Show Total Energy  KWh   (can't reset to zero)

    9. Show Positive  KWh           (can't reset to zero)

    10. Show reverse KWh            (can't reset to zero)

    11. Rest Energy KWh              ( Can rest to zero)

    12. RS485 


    Noted: Please press the Bule button to switch the model type!

    1 Real Frequency Hz

       Range: 00.00~99.99



    2. Reset Energy KWH (Only reset Energy can reset to zero, Total energy can't reset to zero)

        Range: 00000.0~99999.9




    3 Real CURRENT A




    4. Power Factor COS




    5 Reactive power




    6 Real Positive kWh



     7 Real Reverse kWh



    The energy meter is suitble for Solar system, The meter can display Positive  KWh and reverse KWh.



    8 Real voltage


    9 Active Power W


    10 Total Energy KWh


    Noted: Total Energy can't reset to zero

    (Only reset Energy can reset to zero, Total energy can't reset to zero)



    12 DL/T645 high 6 digit ID


    13 DL/645 low 6 digit ID


    14 Baudrate






    CE EMC




    CE LVD




    • We Ship to Worldwide, except APO/FPO.

    • Items are shipped from China using Airmail, reach most of the countries within 10 to 20 business days.

    • Delivery time depends on destination and other factors, it may takes up to 20 business days

    • Noted: Fedex Maybe charge handling charges at your country, we are not responsible for this charges.


           Payment method on Aliexpress Check here http://help.aliexpress.com/payment_method.htm

    Warranty and Guarantee:

    • 12 months Warranty. Buy with confidence!

    • If you are not satisfied when you receive your item, please return it within 14 days for a replacement or money back. Please contact me before you return it.

    • If item is defective in 3 months, We will send you a replacement without extra charger, or offer refund after we receive the defective item.

    • If item is defective after 3 months, you can still send it back to us. We will send you a new one after receiving the defective item. But you have to pay the extra shipping fee

    Other Policies:

    • We are not responsible for any custom duty or import tax.

    • We will leave POSITIVE FEEDBACK after receiving the payment. Please contact us if you are not satisfied with the item after receive it.

    • All emails will be answered within 1 business day. If you do not receive our reply, please kindly re-sent your email and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

    • Serious Buyer Only! Please place bid only if you agree with all the terms

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    Brand Name: sommy

    Certification: CE

    Origin: CN(Origin)

    DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL

    Measuring Energy Range: maximum 99999999

    Rated Voltage: 380V

    Power Supply: AC

    Display Type: Digital Only

    Output Voltage: 250VAC/3A or 30V DC/5A

    Dimensions: 96H*96W

    Model Number: ER9-DC38B (T)

    Phase: Three Phase

    Operating Temperature: -10-50 degree C

    Accuracy Class: 0.5%F.S

    Max Operating Current: 19A & Under

    display: Multi-languages Color Display

    function: measure and record 3 phase electric parameters and Kwh

    wire connection: 3 phase 3 wire , 3 phase 4 wire

    power supply: 100-240V AC/DC

    maximum direct input current: 5A AC

    CT and PT: support CT and PT

    USB and SD card: With USB port and SD card port

    communication port: RS485 communication , Modbus RTU

    transmition output: 4-20mA transmition output

    print function: print datasheet automatically or by manual

    3 Phase Electric Power Recorder with USB and SD port


    FAQ (Frequently Asking Questions)

    1. What is the function and advantage of ER9 power meter data logger ?

      Display and  record 3 phase voltage , current , reactive power , active power , apparent power , power factor , frequency ,   Kwh , KvarH ect.  It can show the real time record curve and history record curve on the recorder or on computer via our PC software .

    2. Does it support 3 phase 3 wire  or 3 phase 4 wire system ?

      Yes , it support both 3 phase 3 wire and 3 phase  4 wire system.

    3. Does it support CT(current transformer) and PT (voltage transformer) ?

       Yes , it support both CT and PT . You can set ct and pt ratio freely based on your requirement.

    4.Can it download data of voltage , current , kwh , kvarh , power factor?

    yes , it can download the data of all the 3 phase parameters.

    5. Does the power meter support SD card or USB port ?

        yes , it support SD card and USB port. The datasheet of the power recorder will be backup to SD card    automatically .

    6. Do you offer PC software for the electric power meter ?

        yes, we offer PC software free of charge.

    7. What is your warranty period of the power meter data logger?

        We offer 5 years warranty period and whole life maintenance.


    1. TFT color display , multi-language display .

     2. Measure and  record 3 phase voltage , current , reactive power , active power , apparent power , power factor , frequency ,  Kwh , KvarH ect.  

    3. Optional harmonics analysis function and multi-tariff rate function.

    4.  Real time record and historical record of all of the three phase parameters.

    5. Support SD card and USB datasheet export function, datasheet can be copied to the SD card automatically from the recorder.

    6.   Two alarms relay outut , one 4-20mA transmition output

    7.  Two DI and DO , used for remote switch control.

    8. With RS485 communication , Modbus RTU

    9.   Recorder can connect with printe , print the data by manual or automatically

    10.  Backup datasheet can be opened by PC software to show the real time curve record

    11.  Offer free PC software for remote real time monitoring

    Realtime and History Datasheet Record Curve


    Wire Connections:





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  • Notice

    1.The wifi smart socket does not support IFTTT;

    2.Because of the product chip upgrade, the APP energy monitoring interface has been optimized and updated (please take the received product as the standard);

    Being with Smart Home Automation

    - The total power rating of this WiFi Smart Power Socket is 3000W, make sure that you do not use multiple high-powered devices ( no more than 3000W in total ) at the same time.

    - Cool and fantastic design that works with Amazon Alexa for ECHO voice control, which makes your life much easier with a simple click on your smart phone

    - works with Google Home for Google Assistant voice control,

    which makes your life much easier with a simple click on your smart phone


    - It is hard to get up in cold winter days.

    You might find it annoying when you have to crawl out of bed to turn off the lights on the wall whether in your bedroom, living rooms or lighting strings in your garden.

    Now you do not have to, even the wall socket is far away from your reach, you can click the virtual button on your app, all done.

    - Turns on your home appliance, such as Fan, Humidifier, Water Dispenser, Lights, Microwave Oven and more at an exact time that you set, never wasting your energy with the countdown feature of the device.


    - Simply set a timer for your rice cooker or juicer, so when you wake up in the morning, all is ready, low power consumption for Electricity saving


    - Remotely & handily deal with different kinds of rope light electrical gadgets all over your room, no plugging and unplugging hassle. Now you can save a few steps in your routine when you are about to sleep at night.


    - Easy installation: Once connected to the same WiFi for the first time, all the setting work is done. You can easily control your electronics whether you are in Wireless WiFi or GPRS network when you are far away from your home. Save money by running the house on your schedule

    Smart Plug EU (WiFI) Standard Specification

    - Max power: 3000W(resistance loading)

    - Working voltage: AV100-250V(50/60Hz)

    - Material: ABS flame retardant polymer

    - Power consuming:<0.3W

    - Working current: Max 16A

    - With Power Energy Monitor

    - Dimension: 82mm*71mm*76mm

    - Cord Length:Wall Mounted 

    - APP Support:Android 4.1/ IOS 8.0 or above

    - Support APP: “Tuya” or “Smart Life”

    - Support: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

    Zigbee Smart Plug(EU) Features:

    1.Tuya Zigbee smart socket is a new type of smart socket designed based on the Zigbee3.0 protocol. Users can use the Zigbee gateway to control multiple smart socket devices as needed to achieve whole-house intelligence.

    2.The Tuya Zigbee smart socket can be remotely controlled by mobile phones through the "Tuya Smart" App, and voice control can also be achieved through Google Home and Alexa; on the other hand, this socket has powerful functions, such as Power Monitor, Time countdown, Family share,Power failure memory...

    3.At the same time, the group control based on Zigbee gateway has the advantages of simple operation, high stability, strong anti-interference ability and low power consumption. Is the best choice for building a smart home.

    Zigbee Smart Plug(EU) Specifications:

    TInput voltage: 110-230V

    Output current: 16A(Max)

    Max Power: 3500W(Max)

    Housing: ABS+PC fireproof material

    Specifications: EU Plug

    Certification: CE/ROSH

    Working temperature: -20 ° C - 50 ° C

    Wireless type: Zigbee 3.0

    Color: White

    APP: SmartLife / Tuya

    Support:Alexa Google and Alexa

    Zigbee Smart Plug NOTE:

    This plug must be worked with your Zigbee gateway

    Package Contens

    - Smart Plug

    - User Manual

    16A wiFi smart Socket

    Make your home smarter,No HUB required

    APP Control / Timing Setting / Power Saving Remind / Scene Connection / Energy Monitor

    your fully automated smart home

    with interaccess you can control all your electric appliances & devices on the “Tuya” or “Smart Life” smart app

    from absolutely anywhere


    Control eletrical appliances

    via mobile app

    voice control

    Control your device via Amazon Alexa or Google Home

    Control from Anywhere

    Control your lights and appliances globally from your smartphone or tablet

    16A Zigbee Smart Plug-EU

    Full-Featured and Powerful

    Everything is under your control,start and enjoy your smart life

    A Whole linkage of your smart

    The Zigbee gateway acts as a connection bridge, and the connected Zigbee devices and other wifi devices in the APP are now forming the entire house link of the smart center.

    APP Remote Control

    You can control the smart devices that are already connected to the application from anywhere at any time.

    Voice Control

    By connecting to google Home/Alexa, you can use your voice to control the switch or other functions of the device, and enjoy the comfort of voice.

    Timing/Countdown Funtion

    Use the timer function or countdown function to turn this device on and off to make life easier and more environmentally friendly.

    Group Control

    Create a group to synchronize and control such devices in the group

    Power failure memory

    The device can be configured in the application to continue performing the state it was in before the power failure.

    Sharing Function

    Main account has the exclusive permissions,one clik to share the permissions with the whole family. let the family enjoy the fun of smart life!

    The Statistics of Electricity

    The amount of electric power can be monitored in real-time, Which is conducve to control the usage of electricity.


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    Origin: CN(Origin)

    Model Number: Protoss-PE11

    Processor: Cortex-M3

    Basic Frequency: 96MHz

    Flash: 2MB

    SDRAM: 128KB

    Operating System: FreeRTOS

    Network Protocol: IP/TCP/UDP/MQTT/WebSocket/HTTP/Modbus TCP

    Security Protocol: TLS v1.2 AES 128Bit DES3

    Network Mode: STA/AP/STA+AP

    Wi-Fi Security: WEP64/WEP128/TKIP/ AES

    Port Number: 1 RS485

    Baud Rate: TTL 600bps~230400 bps

    Size: 102.03 x 64.95 x 27.50 mm

    HF Protoss-PE11DIN-Rail Modbus RS485 Serial Port TO Ethernet Converter Bidirectional Transparent Transmission between RS485 and RJ45


    General Description

    The Protoss-PE11 provides a RS485 interface to TCP/IP data transfer product. The Protoss-PE11 integrate TCP/IP controller, memory, 10/100M Ethernet transceiver, RS485 and integrates a fully developed TCP/IP network stack and FreeRTOS OS. Protoss-PE11 also includes an embedded web 
    server used to configure device.
    The Protoss-PE11 using highly integrated hardware and software platform, it has been optimized for all kinds of applications in the industrial control, smart grid, personal medical application and remote control that have lower data rates, and transmit or receive data on an infrequent basis.


    Overview of Characteristic

    • Cortex-M3 MCU with 2MB Flash and 128KB SRAM
    • Use FreeRTOS Operation System
    • Support TCP/UDP/MQTT/HTTP/WebSocket Protocol
    • Support Modbus TCP to RTU, Modbus Master Function
    • Support RS485 To 10/100M Ethernet Conversion, Serial Speed Up to 460800 bps
    • Support 10/100M Ethernet Auto-Negotiation
    • Support Webpage Easy Configuration or PC IOTService Tool
    • Support Security Protocol Such As AES/DES3
    • Support Heartbeat and Resister Packet Function
    • Support Webpage OTA Wireless Upgrade
    • Support Industrial Temperature: -40 to +85˚ C
    • Multiple Type of Different Power Input



    • Size: 97.60 x 64.95 x 27.50 mm (L x W x H) ,C45 rail installati



    Protoss-PE11 Technical Specifications

    Work Temp. -40 ~ 85°C
    Network Transformer Integrated
    Processor Cortex-M3
    Basic Frequency 96MHz
    Flash 2MB
    SDRAM 128KB
    Operating System FreeRTOS
    Ethernet 1
    Interface Standard 10/100M Base-T Auto-Negotiation
    Network Protocol IP,TCP,UDP,DHCP,DNS,HTTP Server/Client,ARP, AutoIP, ICMP, Telnet,NTP, Modbus TCP
    Security Protocol TLS 1.2 AES 128Bit DES3
    Port Number EE10:1 RS232 EE11:1 RS485
    Data Bits 5,6,7,8
    Stop Bit 1,2
    Check Bit None,Even,Odd
    Baud Rate TTL:600 bps~460800bps
    Flow Control No Flow Control Half Flow Control(RS485) Software Xon/ Xoff flow control
    Configuration Http Web Configuration Customization of HTTP Web Pages
    Size 97.60mm x 64.95mm x 27.50mm
    Storage Temp. -45 ~ 105°C, 5 ~ 95% RH
    Input Voltage Protoss-PE11-H: 100~240VAC@50~60Hz Protoss-PE11-M: 9~48VDC@1A
    Power <400mW




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    Brand Name: HF HIGH-FLYING

    Certification: CE

    Origin: CN(Origin)

    Package: Yes

    Model Number: HF9624

    Model: HF9624

    Basic Frequency: 580MHz

    Operating System: Linux OpenWrt

    Baud Rate: TTL 300 bps~230400 bps

    Size: 178mm x 95mm x 26mm

    Input Voltage: 5 - 36VDC

    HF9624 Overview of Characteristic Supports Mitsubishi, Siemens, Omron, Schneider, Panasonic, Xinjie...

    MIPS MCU with 16MB Flash and 64MB SRAM. Run with Linux OpenWrt

    Support 4G/3G/GPRS, FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, CDMA 1X/EVDO, GSM900/1800

    Support Virtual COM, Virtual Path Connect to PLC for Remote Monitor

    Two RS232/RS485/RS422 interface to 4G/3G/2G
    Two Ethernet to 4G/3G/GPRS

    Support 802.11bgn Wi-Fi to 4G/3G/GPRS

    Support APN network

    Support VPN(PPTP, L2TP, L2TP+IPSEC)

    Support TCP/IP/Telnet/Modbus TCP Protocol, support TLS/AES/DES3 enrtyption

    Support Router or Bridge Network Working Mode.

    Support 10/100M Ethernet Auto-Negotiation

    Support Easy Configuration Through a Web

    Interface or PC IOTService Tool locally or remotely

    Support IOTBridge Management

    Support Web OTA Wirelss Upgrade

    Support Wide DC Input 9~36VDC

    Size: 178mm x 95mm x 26mm

    HF9624 General Description

    The 4G serial server device HF9624 provides protocol conversion among RS232/RS485/RS422
    interface, Ethernet/Wi-Fi and 3G/4G,which can meet the solutions for serial/network transmission of industrial products.

    The HF9624 integrates 4G/3G,Wi-Fi, Ethernet, high-speed serial port, RS232/RS485/RS422 interfaces, and it is based on Ecos operation system and contain webpage, TCP/IP stack. It supports remote monitor PLC products of different brand.

  • €61,28 €68,63
    €93,65 €107,70
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    Brand Name: HF HIGH-FLYING

    Type: Cable Adapter

    Package: Yes

    Products Status: STOCK

    Model Number: HF6508

    HF6508 Wifi Ethernet IO Controller General Description

    Remote IO Controller The HF6508 provides a solution for the channel of industrial serial data

    transmission through Ethernet, RS485 remote control and monitoring IO. The product integrates

    Ethernet port, RS485, 8 digital inputs, 8-way Analog input, 8-channel digital output and other rich hardware interface, which is based on the FreeRTOS operating system. The product includes web pages, IOTService, TCP/IP protocol stack, Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU protocol. It can be easily achieved remote data acquisition and monitored. Hardware interface meets the national standard requirements, while ESD supports for air discharge ± 15KV, contact discharge ± 8KV.

    The HF6508 Remote IO Controller has been optimized for industrial applications, smart grids and personal health medical applications using a highly integrated hardware and software platform. Adding only one HF6508 product to meet equipment data monitoring and transmission needs.

    HF6508 Ethernet I/O Controller Overview of Characteristic

    This model is based on RS485, Ethernet transmission. It can simultaneously monitor 8 digital inputs, 8 analog inputs and control 8 relay outputs. The remote IO control and data acquisition adopt Modbus TCP protocol or Modubs RTU protocol.

    1. Support TCP/IP/Telnet /Modbus TCP Protocol

    2. Support RS485 transmission Use Modus protocol to control 8 DIs, 8 AI interfaces and control 8 DOsSupport STA/AP/AP+STA Mode

    3. Support Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP protocol

    4. Support 10 / 100M Ethernet adaptation (HF6208 / HF6508)

    5. Support web page, IOTService PC software easy configuration (HF6208 / HF6508)

    6. Support configuration (HF6108)

    7. Support Industrial Operating Temperature Support Industrial Operating Temperature: -40 to + 85˚C

    8. Support web page, PC software IOTService configuration (HF6208 / HF6508)

    9. Support web OTA wireless upgrade (HF6208 / HF6508)

    10. DI input voltage range 3 ~ 30V, AI input voltage range 0 ~ 5V, input current range 0 ~ 25mA

    11. Wide voltage 5 ~ 40V DC power supply

    12. Cortex-M3 MCU (128KB SRAM) and 2MB Flash

    13. Size: 95 x 65 x 25 mm

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    DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL

    Certification: CE

    Certification: UL

    Certification: KC

    Type: SIEMENS LOGO 8

    Output Type: PLC

    Size: 8,40 x 10,30 x 7,60 CM

    Model Number: 6ED1052-1FB08/1MD08/1CC08/1HB08-0BA1

    Style: Logic Module

    SIEMENS LOGO! 8 with Display

    (1). The space-saving basic variants

    (2). Interface for the connection of expansion modules, up to 24 digital inputs, 20 digital outputs, 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs can be addressed

    (3). All basic units with integrated web server

    (4). Enclosure width 72 mm (4 U)

    (5). All basic units with Ethernet interface for communication with

    LOGO! 8, LOGO! TDE, SIMATIC Controllers, SIMATIC Panels and PCs

    (6). Use of standard micro CF cards

    SIEMENS LOGO! 8 with Cloud connection

    LOGO! is easy and flexible to use. A Cloud connection turns unimagined new possibilities into reality.

    Highlights of the SIEMENS LOGO! 8

    1). 8 basic units for all voltages, four of them with a new display

    2). All units come with an Ethernet interface, footprint like LOGO! 6 (4TE); and connections are compatible with previous versions

    3). Several versions for different supply power DC 12V/24V RCE, AC/DC 24V RCE, DC 24V CE, AC/DC 115/240V RCE

    4). 400 blocks program memory

    5). Integrated web server in all basic units

    6). Connectivity for remote LOGO! 8 text display via Ethernet for all LOGO! 8 basic modules

    7). Extented temperature range -20 to 55°C, without condensation


    (1). LOGO! 24CE

    (2). Inputs of which can be used in analog mode: 4 (0 to 10 V)

    (3). Input/supply voltage: 24 V DC

    (4). Outputs: 4; transistors


    (1). LOGO! 12/24RCE

    (2). Inputs of which can be used in analog mode: 4 (0 to 10 V)

    (3). Input/supply voltage: 12- 24 V DC

    (4). Outputs: 4; relays


    (1). LOGO! 24RCE

    (2). Inputs of which can be used in analog mode: -

    (3). Input/supply voltage: 24 V AC/DC

    (4). Outputs: 4; relays


    (1). LOGO! 230RCE

    (2). Inputs of which can be used in analog mode: -

    (3). Input/supply voltage: 115-230V AC/DC

    (4). Outputs: 4; relays

    Technical Data